Drive Green For LifeTM
With SunPower, Ford, and the Sierra Club
Drive on Sunshine and Save.
Get a $750 rebate with the purchase or a lease of a SunPower solar system for your home, and we’ll donate $500 to the Sierra Club.
SunPower, Ford, and the Sierra Club are collaborating to encourage you to Drive Green for Life. Enjoy big savings on a SunPower solar system to power your home and charge your Ford battery-electric or Plug-In Hybrid vehicle. For each solar system installed, we’ll donate $500 to the Sierra Club to help support their programs, including advocacy for clean-energy solutions and electric vehicle initiatives. Sign up today for a free home solar evaluation.
Legal Info
  • This program rebate is only available for new, first-time SunPower customers. This offer cannot be applied to existing SunPower proposals or past SunPower purchases, or combined with other offers. This offer must be presented at the time of inquiry, before a SunPower proposal for your home is generated; so, please be sure to notify your SunPower installer that you may qualify for this offer during your free solar evaluation. This special rebate subject to the terms and conditions listed above.
  • To be eligible, you must be the owner of the home for which the proposal is generated, and must work with an approved SunPower dealer in your local area who participates in the rebate program.
  • Lease available in select markets. Check with your local SunPower dealer to find out if lease programs are available in your area and if customers who lease systems in your area are eligible for the rebate.
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